Transforming the present into a better future.

That is our promise to the citizens of Curaçao. We can transform the present only if we analyze our current situation and acknowledge that we need to take a new political path. Create a better future where we will rise up, draw the line and open our hearts to master the art of seeing without limits. A vision that will be valid for not only four years, but a vision that will free the path for generations to come.

Our vision emerges from that recurrent feeling that reminds us that there is more to life than our current state. As humans we all have a certain purpose to fulfill and carry the responsibility to honour that feeling. Besides the political goals VISHON commits itself to represent the desire and goals of the people of Curaçao from a humanitarian perspective.

The foundation of our movement focuses on Humanity First, a strong commercial mindset and most importantly Growth (Educational Agenda). We are open for new opportunities. We are not afraid to take bold decisions. Innovation is part of our DNA.

To be able to represent our community we strive to continuously listen, observe and inquire. Oftentimes when we ask our local population of youngsters and elderly where they think Curaçao will be in 10 years, the most heard answer is: “I do not know”. A very logical answer indeed, because at the end of the day none of us knows what the future holds.

We can envision all we want but remains important for every citizen to be able to embrace their own vision. We have to build trust, create opportunities and hold space for development. When people know how to honor their own vision and embody their own hopes and dreams we will be ablo to develop a nation with visionary citizens.

Trust and relationships are key in reaching our goals. We believe that our goals will be reached by strengthening our relationship within the Dutch Kingdom and by investing in a stronger bond with the Netherlands based on mutual understanding, respect and growth. We do believe in becoming self-supportive and less depending on others for us to reach our goals. Nonetheless we have to work together and form strong alliances.

When you look at utterly successful companies and nations, their success is primarily based on their ability to accept change. They do accept help, embrace change and are open to innovations.

And so do we!


Miles Mercera vishon.cwWith VISHON I say goodbye to traditional politics and open the path to visionary politics. I see it as my duty to prove that we still have capable leaders on this island, and that there is no space for doubts. A dream to plant the seeds to make Curacao greater than any power in the world.

My entrance in the political arena is because of the fact I am aware of our potential. It is this island that I want to fight for, because I received my education here and I got presented with opportunities I would have never gotten in any other country in the world. My people give my life meaning and a reason to hope.

The rich culture of Curaçao has taught me that we will fall together but that we also need to rise together. We can criticize but only while providing solutions. We need to adopt the mentality to inspire one another to be the best we can be. The same as for our lives, we only have one kind of this little island we love so much.

It deserves your Visionary vote. 

I took the first step, and now it is up to you to analyze and ask yourself where you want to be in the next 10 years and join us on the visionary road.